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Our Facilities

Our facilities are located on beautiful property in Northern Indiana.    We have a worship sanctuary, dining hall with an industrial kitchen, rec room, campground with RV and tent sites, and a bathhouse for campers.   We also have an outdoor pavilion, kids playground, softball field, and basketball court.

We invite you to come check out our facilities, and bring the whole family!   We host several events through the year, including all of the yearly Biblical festivals.  

Please feel free to join us one Sabbath and introduce yourself! 

Camper Storage

Please visit this link if you are a current member and would like to set up your camper storage reservation.



We have wonderful teachers in our children's ministry, and weekly lessons each Shabbat, as well as fun additional monthly events!

Young Folks Group

Our Young Folks group starts at age 13 and is a wonderful ministry for the younger people in our church community.  They have monthly events, meetings, and activities, a young folk music ministry, as well as bigger annual events like a family camping trip!    If you have youth age children, please check out what our wonderful Young Folks group has to offer!


Prayer Gatherings

Every Friday some of the women in our assembly hold a prayer time at MNLT and invite those that would like to be prayed over, or lift others up in prayer to join! 

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