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About Us

We are an independent non-denominational congregation. We strive to base our lives and worship on biblical truth. Our beginnings- In the early 1980’s, several local Indiana families from various denominations began assembling in homes for bible studies. We would often visit various Sabbath keeping groups traveling as far as 3 ½ hours for fellowship with like minded believers.

As we began to grow, an opportunity arose to purchase an assembly building from a Wesleyan Methodist group that had outgrown their building. We purchased the building in 1984 and shared it for one year with the Wesleyan group until their new church was built.

Since that time, our heavenly Father has blessed our small assembly helping us to grow in Messiah and teach the Gospel of our Savior Yahshua to the best of our ability.

We broke ground on October 7, 2014 on our new building, and have since added a fully functional campground for Sukkot and large events, and have grown and expanded our congregation into the wonderful family of believers we are today.
Our Staff:
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Lead Pastor

Marcel Headshot copy.jpg

Pastor/Worship Leader

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